The Importance of Play for Children

What Do You Do With Arts And Crafts?

This is an ongoing discussion in our house, I think if my husband has his own way they would all get chucked in the bin (along with all the toys my son hadn’t touched for a couple of days). I know that the accumulation of stuff is something my husband has really struggled with since having a child.

Still, this ongoing discussion is not going to go away anytime soon, so I am constantly left wondering every time my son produces a new masterpiece, just where are we going to put this? What amazes me is my son is not a huge fan of arts and crafts, he will do it but never through his own complete free will. However, I have noticed a huge increase in work coming home and willingness to do crafty stuff since we increased the time spent in childcare (maybe I just never tried hard enough?!).

Put it on the wall

This is brilliant and the children will love it because they get to see their work take pride of place! However, the more and more they start to produce the harder it becomes to find somewhere to display their work. Plus, this only works with some of their artwork (pictures or paintings) and will not be very practical for their model rocket ship or cardboard pirate ship. If you decide to go down this route be careful not to set up too much of an expectation.crayons

Put it in a scrapbook

Again, this is a wonderful idea, and I have actually been meaning to do this. However, my biggest problem with this is time, I just do not have time to sit there and stick my son’s artwork into a scrapbook. Maybe if I had thought about this beforehand then it wouldn’t have been a problem, but I think I came up with this idea too late. In my defense it’s only recently become a problem, so I was very unprepared!paint

Put them in a ‘special’ box

This is currently our most favourable solution at the moment, my son absolutely loves ‘special’ boxes and we currently have ‘special’ boxes for a whole host of things. The trouble is you then have to store the boxes and also they quickly become full up so you then need to find more ‘special’ boxes and it just becomes a bit of a headache after a while. I still love a ‘special’ box, even if it is more a short-term solution.tablet craft

Bin/ recycling

This is my husband’s most preferred method, and if he has his own way all artwork would find its way to the bin as soon as my son went to bed. I must admit, we have thrown a few bits out (mainly bits of paper with a couple of scribbled on them. However, there are quite a few bits I could never imagine myself throwing out (the very first they did, the very first they did for you, the one that actually looks like something, the one where you can almost make out a letter, the one that really looks good, the one(s) they absolutely love and keep pointing out). I do struggle with this solution as I suppose one day these pictures will stop coming, and I will most likely miss having this problem.crafty

Other solutions

I have mentioned some of our solutions, but I could not write this and not have a quick look online for other solutions. There are quite a few solutions but some of my favourites are

Use them for wrapping paper – I think this is quite a nice idea and would be especially good for gifts that children are giving to someone. You never know you might be able to inspire them to purposely make some wrapping paper

Give them out as gifts – I think this is especially nice for Grandparents and even Aunts or Uncles – again you may be able to inspire them to start purposely drawing pictures for friends and family

Take pictures for a digital copy – this is probably the more genius idea I came across because I would have never thought of it myself. Basically, you take a picture of the original artwork which you then dispose of but then you keep the digital picture – this would solve a lot of my worries about what artwork gets thrown away then it is gone forever. However, this then goes onto my other problem – what to do with the millions and billions of pictures we have taken!draw

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