The Importance of Play for Children

Valentines Ideas For Children

loveIt is Valentines Day, so what can you do with your children to mark the occasion and help them understand what the day is about?

There are countless possible things you can do with children for Valentines but here are some of my favourites!


Let’s start off with a common one, crafts! There are so many different craft ideas out there but some of my favourites are –

  • Love heart crowns
  • Heart sponge paintings
  • Valentine’s Day bunting
  • Heart symmetry painting
  • Love suncatcher
  • Salt dough heartscrafts


Another common and easy idea is to help you child make some cards, they can hand them out to family and friends to let them know how much they care and appreciate them.

You can make all sorts of cards, you can make a simple card which a nice picture of a heart or you can be elaborate with lots of gems, ribbons, and glitter.

You can print off a template online or make something from scratch.card


There are a few ideas of things your child can make, a good one which my son enjoys is baking is fairy cakes with lots of red icing and heart sprinkles.

However, you can make all sorts of things like heart shaped biscuits or jam filled heart cookies.

However, for something extra special you can teach your child to help you make someone’s favourite dessert. So, if someone likes apple pie, you can make one with them (if you child wants to add hearts of something then let them). I am quite partial to a cheesecake so would be thrilled to get one of them regardless of the time of year!


There are several valentine themed games as well, some of the best I found were –

  • Catch my heart (throwing a bean bag quickly at each other)
  • Wrapped in love (players must wrap another player up in red crepe paper without the paper tearing
  • Heart and Seek (hide hearts around the room for children to find)
  • Hearts and Kisses (like noughts and crosses just with hearts instead of noughts)
  • Who’s your valentine (children shout the question “who your valentine”, the player who is ‘it’ must answer with something like “everyone wearing glasses” and then all the children with glasses must switch to another seat whilst one seat is removed, the child left standing is now ‘it’)heart
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