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This is Halloween! What makes Halloween Great?

happy halloweenMy son may be young but already things like Birthday’s, Christmas, and Halloween have made a big impression on him. He is excited about all things Halloween at the moment, especially the pumpkins. So, what is it that makes Halloween great?

Halloween costumes

When I was a kid, we were aware of Halloween, but it wasn’t really such a big deal, most costumes (if you even bothered to wear a costume) were a mixture between a few things bought in the store and some bit that were laying around the house.

Halloween now is so much bigger than I remember, and people really go all out, and this is reflected in the costumes, don’t get me wrong there are still a mixture of store bought/ home made costumes, but I notice a lot more imagination and creativity put into costumes than I remember seeing as a kid.

Plus, Halloween is no longer about girls being witches and boys being monsters. Your Halloween costume can be anything, even non-Halloween/ scary characters. My son wants to be Spiderman or Captain America (complete with shield), I don’t think he means just for Halloween either).

Trick or treat

Halloween is mostly about kids trick or treating, and what is there not to love from a child’s perspective? You get to dress up, knock on people’s doors, and they give you treats! It’s a child’s dream come true.

I can really see the appeal from a child’s point of view but as a parent it is a horrifying thought. However, there are ways that children can still participate in trick or treating, and parents can be assured that their children are safe.

Parents going with children and only going to doors of people they know/ have prearranged with are good steps to make to not only ensure your child’s safety but also reduce the risk of disturbing other people.

Halloween can be a difficult time for some, including those who are vulnerable, for some it can be quite distressing having lots of people knocking on your door.

Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving is a brilliant and fun activity you can do with your children, and it allows children to express themselves. You can opt for a traditional pumpkin design, a twist on the classic, or something completely different, the choice is completely down to the individual.

There is a lot of brilliant and creative ideas out there, so it is a perfect opportunity to allow your child to let their imagination run wild.

Of course, pumpkin carving can be incredibly messy, and the actual carving is not recommended for young children. These are important step you should remember.

  • Try to pick a pumpkin that is quite large and quite round
  • Prepare the pumpkins for your children by cutting the tops off and scooping out the insides until your left with just the thin hallow walls of the pumpkin.
  • You are now ready to allow your child to draw a design using pens, assist your child with this but mostly be led by them, if it’s easier get them to draw a design on paper and use the paper as a tracing/ stencil tool to go on the pumpkin – this will reduce the risk of your child making a mistake on the actual pumpkin and wanting to redo the whole thing
  • Using knife cut out your children’s design (or allow your child to do this if they are older and can do so safely)
  • Diluted lemon juice or Vaseline can prevent the pumpkin from turning brown – cinnamon in the base of the pumpkin can help with the smell – storing it in the fridge when not in use will keep it fresher for longer
  • Insert a candle into the bottom of the pumpkin, light the candle, turn off the lights, and enjoy!

Halloween crafts, baking, and decorations

Most children absolutely love things like baking/ cooking and arts and crafts and holidays like Halloween create new opportunities for little ones to become creative.

There are lots of ideas out there which children can make, including Halloween cookies or cakes, Halloween colouring pages, Halloween junk modelling, Halloween decorations, painting/ decorating Halloween glasses or candle holders, Halloween party invitations, Halloween plates/ cups/ straws.

The possibilities are endless and design ideas are all over the place if you are stuck for inspiration.

Halloween parties

I have not been to many Halloween parties myself, however I have noticed them becoming a lot more widespread than I remember them being when I was a kid.

There are so many ideas out there from food to decorations. You can get your kids involved with some of the ideas above or you can go out and buy things, or a mixture of the above.

There is also a whole host of Halloween party games ideas available as well, everything from the classic bobbing for apples to Halloween bingo! It is also very popular to incorporate trick or treating into a Halloween party.

Halloween is a chance for friends and family to come together and have a good time.

There is so many ideas and so much you can do

Halloween has become a time of year where people can really let their creative side shine, and I think that is what kids (and adults) love about the holiday.

Halloween isn’t just about sweets or scary movies, it’s about being given the opportunity to express yourself and have fun. The sweets and scary movies are just a bonus.

Even more when all the food, costumes, and decorations are all complete you can bring your friends and family round to spend Halloween with you, play a few games, tell a few stories, and work your way through all the sweets and food.


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  • Lev

    I’m all about the parties and creative decorations, not to mention the costumes. Every year it just seem like kids and grown-ups have been taking things to the next level. It really is my favorite holiday. One of my favorite things to do as a teenager was going to the local haunted house with all my friends. Also, to this day I still look forward to Knott’s Scary Farm, it’s the best. Going on Friday!

  • kemdi21

    Halloween is such a nice holiday i wish it lasted a week instead of a day. I also agree with you when you say Halloween should be about creativity,expressing yourself and hanging out with your loved ones like family. Some folks just go out to party or stay home all day and watch scary movies. Thanks so much for sharing this hearth-warming post!!.  


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