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This Is A Magical Time Of Year – The Build Up Right Until The New Year

santaIt is almost Christmas, and everyone is looking forward to a visit from Santa! I know my son is bouncing off the walls looking forward to waking up on Christmas morning and seeing what has come.

However, I find the build up to Christmas is just as, if not the most, exciting as the actual day itself.


Pre-Christmas build up

Sometimes it feels like Christmas has been going on for ages, and that is because it probably has. I don’t even think we had got summer out the way when I spotted the first mention of Christmas.

Then as September hit and we all start trying to get back to a sense of normality, the ‘festive’ season starts with Halloween. This is such a fun time of year as there is so much for the whole family to enjoy. The winter months really do keep you occupied to put your mind off the cold and miserable weather.

So far this year my son has had so much fun with Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Children in Need. Now we approach the final stretch to Christmas he just cannot contain himself, already we have watched our local Christmas lights get switched on, received a letter from Santa, put up the tress and decorations, done Christmas crafts, we have seen Santa, and he has done a Christmas Play.

He is now looking forward to Christmas Eve where we will spend the day keeping an eye on Santa. We will then spend Christmas Eve preparing for Santa and Christmas Day, and then trying to get to sleep (and stay asleep, and in bed).


The big day itself!

The day has finally arrived! We all walk into the room together and are presented with a pile of presents, a balloon (my son is obsessed with balloon, so he gets one for pretty much everything!), and his Santa stocking! We also make sure that Santa has drank his milk, eaten his Santa (mince) pie, and gave Rudolph his carrot.

The first thing we do is open our Santa stocking and presents from each other and we get ready and have some breakfast. Then once we are all ready and had something to eat, we will open a few more presents (we tend to stagger presents as my son gets overwhelmed easily). The first thing we do is get ready to have our Christmas dinner, some years we cook but this year someone else is doing the cooking!

We will then snuggle up, if there are some more presents to open then we will open them, and then start to calm down and unwind. Lots of Christmas movies, discovering what our new presents can do.

The first thing we do is go to sleep and get ready to do it all over again on Boxing Day!



I find the period between Christmas and New Year a bit weird, Christmas is over, but things still haven’t returned back to normal. Everything just feels up in the air. I find we spend most of this time visiting family we never managed to see either before or during Christmas. There is often more presents, food, and drink. A lot of rearranging and sorting things out to make way for presents. We also try to relax and reenergise for the new year.

It is a funny period, but I try to make the most of the downtime if/ when I get it. I am lucky that this year I can take some time off to spend time with my son, this has not always been possible.

xmas lag

New Year, New Start

We generally stay home New Year’s Eve and bring in the New Year as a family. My son has yet to stay up until midnight, but who knows maybe this year he is manage it.

The New year bring hope, I am looking forward to next year, I have lots of plans and goals. I am determined and ready for the next part of my life.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I will see you all in 2019!

new year

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