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The Benefits Of Getting Lost In The World Of Books

bear book   There are many benefits to reading, not just for children but also for adults. However, despite the many benefits there are many people who do not read. I am quite a bookworm myself and despite a pretty touch and go start my son is starting to enjoy reading as well.

The benefits of reading

As I stated before there are many benefits to reading such as –

  • Stress relief
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Greater Vocabulary
  • Better writing skills
  • Improved Memory
  • Increased Knowledge
  • Better Concentration
  • Helps Induce Sleep

The main benefits of reading revolve around less stress and greater brain power.

The benefits of reading to children

When you read to a child, they enjoy all the benefits listed above, this shows that even though they are not actively reading themselves, they suffer no disadvantage. In fact, it is widely accepted that being read to is extremely important for a child’s cognitive development.

These benefits can be seen as early as before birth, which suggests that reading is important to us throughout boy book

Reading throughout life

In the early years reading helps develop crucial language skills needed to not only learn to talk but to process information and make sense of the world.

Reading also helps young children develop their social skills, the tone of voice the reader speaks in helps children make sense of the words and pictures in a book.

Children also have the ability to explore and learn about the world from not only being asked questions but by asking questions themselves.

Being read to also allows children to learn how to read themselves. A child who is read to will learn the ‘process’ of reading, how to hold a book, how to turn pages, etc. Being read to and seeing adults read will also reinforce a love of reading.

Reading increases vocabulary, and as child move up the reading stages, they will encounter more complex words. They will be able to read and understand more advance books, documents, and texts.girl read

What to do if you have a reluctant reader

This can be especially difficult if you yourself love reading. I mentioned above that my son has grown to appreciate books and being read to. He was almost one before we were able to properly read him a bedtime story. In fact, up until he was about 1 ½ he was more likely to destroy a book rather than read them.

However, with a lot of time and even more patience I would say that my son is finally at a place where he can appreciate being read to. It is not his favourite activity, far too calm. However, he enjoys his bedtime story and occasionally he will choose to sit down surrounded by his toys and pretend to read to them. His ability to remember the stories we read to him is amazing.

Not all children will like reading, just like not all children will enjoy crafts or sports or imaginative play. The most important thing is not to force them. Start off small and with something they do enjoy. My sons first and most favourite book was one which featured one of his favourite characters.

Another thing you can try is taking them to the library, my son was more accepting of books when he was in the library than he was when he was at home surrounded by his toys. There was a lot of baby groups held at my local library, so we spent a lot of his early years there, not necessarily just to read or borrow books.

He now enjoys going to the library and we often borrow books for him to take home, he often goes to the library with his childcare as well.library

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