The Importance of Play for Children

My Sons Favourite Kids Toys

I have talked a lot about my son but I haven’t really gone into too much detail about my son and what exactly he plays with. So, for those of you interested here are some of his/ our favourite kids toys.

Types of kids toys he likes

My son likes a wide variety of toys, he loves anything to do with cars or trains, he also had a lot of favourite characters so anything related to them is always a winner, he likes play food/ kitchen sets, tool sets, bricks, puzzles, and books. He loves playing outside as well so anything based outdoors is always really popular with him.

Mostly, my son spends a lot of time in his own little world and the toys sort of become props. He will not necessarily always play with a toy the way you would expect him to.

As you can imagine, he has many toys he absolutely loves and if I asked him to pick his favourites, he will probably give me everything so I will keep this to the absolute favourites.


If I had to name his absolute favourite toy in the whole world it would probably be bear, he has had bear since before he was born, so it is one of his baby toys, but we did not start regularly introducing him to bear until he was 3 months old. He was introduced as a bedtime companion and he has become a lifelong friend.

This particular comforter was made by M&S; however, I believe he has been discontinued. However, they have many similar toys available in store, and other companies make similar.

Mr Potato Head

A recent addition but he is absolutely loved and one of the first toys my son pestered me about. He was introduced to Mr Potato Head whilst in childcare and he has proven to be just as popular as home as he is there and is a brilliant toddler toy.

I like Mr Potato Head as it can be a good tool to learn about parts of the body, helps a child develop their fine motor skills through putting pieces in and taking them back out, and there are hundreds of them out there so you can mix and match to make some funny faces.

Mr Potato Head is available in many places.

Toot Toot Vehicles

My son absolutely loves cars and trains so understandably he absolutely loves his various Toot Toot sets, he has quite a few sets but the one in the picture is probably the one he plays with the most; however, there are a lot of sets out there.

Toot Toot vehicles are available in many places.
Toot Toot

Lightning McQueen or Spiderman

My sons first love was Lightning McQueen and Cars, he has a lot of Disney Cars merchandise, everything from bags, lunchbox, figures, puzzles, books, tops, jackets, PJs, socks!

My son has loves Spiderman, and we do not have quite as much merchandise as we do with Cars, we still have quite a lot such as Duplo play set, tops, PJs, socks, pants!

You can get Cars or Spiderman merchandise from many places.

Plus hundreds more cool toys for kids

There really is not end what so ever when it comes to kids toys, there are so many different toys out there it would be impossible for me to name them all. This is really just a snap shot into our life and what my son likes, you child may like other stuff. I think that is what I find the most fascinating about not just children but people in general; we are all so very different.

If you looking for toy ideas then Amazon have hundreds of toys available.

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