The Importance of Play for Children

Let’s Go Outside! The Joys Of Outside Play

baby teddyThe cold months are almost behind us, Spring is just around the corner and that just means one thing! We can finally go outside without freezing! We can actually go outside without having to pack for all weathers.

I must admit, I love the Spring. It is my favourite time of the year, it’s not too hot or too warm and nature is blooming. The great outside has many benefits for children and it’s probably the easiest way to entertain your children!

Children love the outdoors

Children absolutely love being outside and it has a lot of benefits. One big advantage is it opens them up to new experiences, the can see new things, smell new scents, hear new sounds, and feel new sensations. Whilst we may be able to replicate some of this indoors, not all of it can be.

Being outside also gives them plenty of room to run around and not be as restricted as they would be in doors. This is good for their health as we all know how vital exercise is for our health and wellbeing. Outside play also gives them plenty of new opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills, as well as problem solving and hand – eye coordination.

The biggest advantage to outside play, sunlight. Or to be more precise, Vitamin D. However, if you live in a country like I do, going outside will not guarantee sunlight. However, on (the few) sunny days going outside will allow your children the ability to expose themselves naturally too all the benefits of Vitamin D, such as boosts to our immune system and bone development.running

Outside play equipment

One of the easiest and probably safest ways to get your child outside to play is either providing them with/ take them to somewhere that has outside play equipment, such as swings, slides, climbing frames.

I have many happy memories of being a child and playing in my back garden and the local play park. My son loves playing outside as well. We are lucky to live by a large selection of local play parks and my son’s favourite equipment is climbing frames, he is quite fearless really.

However, you can still get equipment like this for your garden as well. I spent plenty of summers in my garden playing on my swing, seeing how high I could get.park

Become one with nature

As brilliant as play equipment is, nothing will beat allowing your children the chance to experience nature. Whether it is taking them to the beach or for a walk in the woods, allowing them a chance to see nature, smell nature, touch nature, and hear nature is something which cannot easily be replicated elsewhere.

Whilst, this can be slightly more dangerous (or nerve wrecking) many places are available which are natural but tourist friendly. We have a country park near us where you can experience the joys of nature, but the big risks are eliminated, which means although I still have to watch my son, I do not have to worry too much as I know the ‘big risks’ have been taken care of.flower girl

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