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Knife Crime In The UK

no hateI was planning on doing a post about Easter, but it just felt inappropriate. I try not to get too political/ serious, however more and more I find myself wondering what is going on.

There has been a huge surge of knife crime in the UK, one of the most recent attacks happened practically on my front door. It has been a huge shock, and even more so when you find out the recent statistics. It really makes you wonder what is going on in the world.

Recent statistics

We are in the beginning of March, and yet it’s been reported that in the UK that there have already been 26 fatal stabbings in 2019.

The number of incidents involving knives has increased by 20% since 2011. There have been increases across the UK, but the Kent and West Yorkshire have seen the highest increase.

This is despite London having the highest proportion of knife crime with 35% of all offenses reported in the capital involving knives.

Despite reports of knife crime increasing all over the country which dates back to 2011, police numbers have decreased by 18% between 2010 and 2018.streets

Why is this happening?

Now, there has been a lot of speculation as to the cause of this, some are saying it’s down to racial factors, others are blaming poverty. There are some which are blaming the legal system and the removal of stop and search. Others are blaming cuts to youth services and education.

For me, yes, it is important to get to the root of the problem, but it needs to be properly investigated and then action needs to be taken. Unfortunately, I fear that even if an investigation was to happen it would most likely be airbrushed and/ or forgotten about.

Already we have politicians denying that there is a problem and/ or telling us that emergency services will have to use the resources they already have as there is no more money. It makes you wonder just what more has to happen before they have to actually do something?despair

Future generations

My son is not at the age where I have to worry about him being caught in the streets with a knife, I would also like to think he isn’t likely to be the victim of knife crime but when one of the recent people killed by a knife was a mother with her children, I don’t feel like I can be that certain. After all, until the Manchester bombings, it never crossed my mind that terrorists would target children.

I do fear for my son in so many ways, and I do wonder more and more just what kind of world I am bringing him into. Luckily at the moment, my son has a good sense of wrong and right, but he isn’t even at school yet. I am very aware that what happens now will shape his future in so many ways.

I just have lost faith in the people who can make a difference. I would love to be proved wrong though, I really hope I am wrong.future

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