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How Christmas Is Celebrated In 6 Countries Around The World

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Across the world family are starting to get ready for Christmas, for many of us that look like presents under the Christmas Tree, stockings hanging up by the fire/ at the end of the bed, families coming together to sing carols and more food and drink than you would think is possible.

However, Christmas can be very different depending on where in the world you are.


Many families across the world with share a special meal with their families, will exchange gifts, and will decorate their houses with lights and a Christmas Tree.
Religion also plays a huge part across the world with many people gathering for festive services and also displaying the nativity scene in their home.
Father Christmas (or other associated names) also features in many cultures with many children looking forward to a visit from Santa.


In the lead up to Christmas many families will enjoy picnics on the beach organised by local churches where people will get together to sing Carols, this is appropriate as December falls in the summer in Australia so many families celebrate Christmas at the beach.
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The Christmas festivities start on the 6th December on France with St Nicolas Day where children get sweets and little gifts.
On Christmas Eve, instead of stockings, children will put shoes out in front of the fireplace so that Pere Noel can fill them with sweets.


Children in Iceland also favour shoes instead of stockings, however unlike French children, Children in Iceland place them on the window sill where they then get filled with little gifts.
People often exchange books on Christmas Eve that people will then stay up late reading.
christmas book


Christmas in Japan is not a religious festival, however the Japanese focus on spreading happiness.
Christmas Eve in Japan is a time for couples to exchange presents and have a romantic meal and look at the lights.
New Year celebrations in Japan are more similar to Western Christmas celebrations.


An important part of Christmas in Spain involves family joining in with the La Mis Del Gallo, The Mass of the Rooster, this stems from the belief that a Rooster crowed on the Night that Jesus was born.

The Philippines

On the Saturday before Christmas Eve families in the Philippines get together to enjoy the Giant Lantern Festival.
Originally the lanterns featured were simple in design made from paper but recently lanterns have become more elaborate and people compete to create the largest lantern made from a variety of different materials.lantern

Have a Merry Christmas

How do you celebrate Christmas? Do you have a traditional Christmas or do you celebrate in your own way? Do you incorporate different traditions from around the world?

However you celebrate, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!merry christmas

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