The Importance of Play for Children

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Mum Guilt Vs Going To Work

I have touched on mum guilt before in a previous post. However, in this one I am going to tackle the big one, work. Whether or not you return to work can feel like an impossible choice. For many there is no choice, we have to work in order to provide for our families. Whatever your personal situation, there can be times where it feels like whatever you decide it’ll be wrong. So, when are you going back to work?

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Which Is Better? Structured Play Or Unstructured Play?

When it comes to play, play, and development, there is a lot of debate around which is better for children, structured play or unstructured play. Should we allow our children the opportunity to play how they like or should we be providing them with constant activities to stimulate their mind? On a personal level my son will always pick unstructured play, he is a lot better at doing unstructured activities but he is at his happiest being left to his

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Childfree Time vs. Mum Guilt

If you frequent any of the various mum groups available then you will know that this topic crops up quite a lot. To be honest, mum guilt could probably be a topic all on its own! Spending time away from out children is just one of the many things that mums (or parents) have to feel guilty about! There are many reasons why we need to spend time away from our children, work is probably the biggest reason (again this

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The Pros And Cons Of Screen Time

Screen time is a big subject, slowly but surely technology is taking over our life. You walk the streets and you will see loads of people looking at screens. As I type this both my husband and I are looking at screens, plus we have a third screen on which we are both ignoring.   Screens are absolutely everywhere. So is it any wonder that our children want to stare at screens as well? Are there any benefits to screens?

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Toy Review – Lego Duplo – My First Vehicles Set

We absolutely love Lego/ Duplo in my house so it is no surprise really that my first toy review will be a Lego/ Duplo review really. However, I love the stuff because they have something for everyone from small toddlers/ children right up to adults.   So today I thought I would look at the My First Vehicles Set by Lego Duplo. My son has this set and he loves it, he will spend ages creating many vehicles and using

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Which Is The Best Toys? Wooden Toys Or Plastic Toys

Now, I must admit I do spend a lot of time on various ‘mums groups’ on Facebook and the internet and although this debt doesn’t come up as much as others (breastfeeding or bottle feeding is probably the most common), it does come up.   Which are better, wooden toys vs. plastic toys?   I think a new modern twist on this would probably be toys vs. screen time; however, I am planning to cover screen time later, so I

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Parent Child Relationship – Parents Rejected by Children

This is a topic that features quite a lot in our house, and a quick look online will reveal that it happens in many homes all over the world, parents rejected by children   It can be very frustrating for the ‘chosen’ parent and extremely devastating for the ‘rejected’ parent. However, as frustrating or devastating as this can be, it is perfectly normal and is in no way an indicator of bad parenting, or that your child does not love

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My Sons Favourite Kids Toys

I have talked a lot about my son but I haven’t really gone into too much detail about my son and what exactly he plays with. So, for those of you interested here are some of his/ our favourite kids toys. Types of kids toys he likes My son likes a wide variety of toys, he loves anything to do with cars or trains, he also had a lot of favourite characters so anything related to them is always a

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How Do Children Learn

The short answer to this is, mainly through play. This is because children spend a large proportion of their time playing, especially younger children. Even in school the younger the child the more likely their teachers will incorporate play into their lessons. My son is not at school yet, however he does go to childcare where he learns and follows the early year’s curriculum. Already I can see that he has learnt so much from this environment. However, as wonderful

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The Importance Of Play In Adulthood – Adults Can Play Too!

I have focused a lot of children on this website, let’s face it when we think of playing we instantly think of children and toys and the playground. However, how many of us enjoy games consoles, cards, darts, football, tennis, puzzles, etc.  It may not really occur to us but playing anything from Call of Duty to a pub quiz; it is all a form of play really. In addition, let us be honest, we have all got a bit carried

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