The Importance of Play for Children

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Dad’s Are Important As Well – Why A Child’s Support Network Matters

This is a topic which has caught my attention recently. A lot of parenting advice, services, and products are primarily marketed towards women, but what about the men? Why is it all about mum? There is very rarely any argument that children need their mothers, it is probably one of the few things that the universe largely agrees with. However, why isn’t the same importance placed on the dad? Although primarily the most important thing for a child is that

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What Are The Top Toys For Christmas 2018

It is that time of year again, time to start searching for the must have toys for Christmas, so just what is being billed as the “must have toy for 2018”. We have searched the internet to find out what retailers are saying are the must have toys this Christmas. All prices listed were correct at the time of writing. Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Price – around £80.99 Age – 9+ Made by – Lego Best feature – 4

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Explaining Remembrance Day To A Child

In the UK and across the globe we have all got together today to remember those who fell in the war and fought for freedom that many of us take for granted. However, how do you explain what today is about to children? My experience In the UK we commemorate the day with the symbol of a poppy. I remember as a child every year being given money by my parents to give over in exchange for a poppy. I

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Cheap Play Ideas For Kids Over The Festive Season

Summer is over, the children have gone back to school, the weather has turned, and now all thoughts turn to the months ahead, if you are in the UK then you have Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, and New Year to look forward to (not to mention Children in Need this year, you have to give to Pudsey). If you across the pond in the states it’s not that much different, just swap Bonfire Night to Thanksgiving. It does not matter

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This is Halloween! What makes Halloween Great?

My son may be young but already things like Birthday’s, Christmas, and Halloween have made a big impression on him. He is excited about all things Halloween at the moment, especially the pumpkins. So, what is it that makes Halloween great? Halloween costumes When I was a kid, we were aware of Halloween, but it wasn’t really such a big deal, most costumes (if you even bothered to wear a costume) were a mixture between a few things bought in

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Stimulate Your Little Ones Senses With Sensory Play

I must admit, I (thought I) knew nothing about sensory play before I had my son. It wasn’t on my radar and I didn’t really know it was a thing. So, imagine my surprise when I was pregnant to hear people going on about sensory play, sensory tables/ boards, baby sensory, toddler sense, and many of the other sensory things out there. What is sensory play? Sensory play is a term used for activities which allow a child the opportunity

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Mum Guilt – Parenting Is Hard And It’s Ok To Admit That

This is a topic that is very close to my heart because initially I was almost ashamed by how hard I found being a mum. I was surrounded by people who made parenting look like a piece of cake, and even worse they seemed to be enjoying every single moment. I felt so inadequate compared to them, what was wrong with me? Why was I finding parenting easy? Why wasn’t I enjoying every single minute? Then I found other, who

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The Magic Of Pretend Toys

Pretend toys are wonderful, they allow children the opportunity to mimic the adults they see in their life. A toy kitchen for example allows children to recreate actions they see their parents and other adults do numerous times a day. They can make their parents a meal, pretend to run a café, or they can even host a cooking show. The Benefits of pretend toys and imaginary play Imaginative play gives children the opportunity to explore, identify, and understand the

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Lego Sales Are Falling! Are We Coming To The End Of Traditional Toys?

I must admit, even in my personal life I do not really comment a great deal on news articles, I am generally someone who keeps my thoughts and opinions to myself. This site, if nothing else, has become a little bit of an outlet to a subject that dominates a huge part of my life. I was not going to write about this at first but it seemed kind of relevant to the direction this website is going, plus I

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Boys Toys, Girls Toys, Or Gender Neutral?

There has been a huge debate in the press regarding gender. It is not surprising really, as a look at any shop targeted at babies/ children will show a clear divide between girl’s things and boy’s things. However, is this really a bad thing? My experience of girl/ boy things I remember as a child that there were clear defined ideas as what is for boys and what is for girls. I also remember that just because something was intended

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