The Importance of Play for Children

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When Things Are Not OK

I had to take a week out last week, I just couldn’t do it anymore. It was one of those weeks where the build-up was tough, but the actual moment was worse. I had been feeling this coming for a while, but I did what we all did and just kept going. Truth be told, I am not sure why we keep going, what are we really trying to achieve by putting a smile on our face and pretending all

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What Do You Do With Arts And Crafts?

This is an ongoing discussion in our house, I think if my husband has his own way they would all get chucked in the bin (along with all the toys my son hadn’t touched for a couple of days). I know that the accumulation of stuff is something my husband has really struggled with since having a child. Still, this ongoing discussion is not going to go away anytime soon, so I am constantly left wondering every time my son

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Easter – The Celebration Of Life

Easter is just over a month away, I always feel like Easter is quite a weird holiday. As a kid growing up, I never felt the anticipation for Easter. I was very appreciative of the chocolate eggs but compared to Christmas it did not really feel like such a big deal. However, my son is very excited about Easter, he seems convinced that the Easter Bunny himself will be coming to see him, not sure where he got that idea

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Knife Crime In The UK

I was planning on doing a post about Easter, but it just felt inappropriate. I try not to get too political/ serious, however more and more I find myself wondering what is going on. There has been a huge surge of knife crime in the UK, one of the most recent attacks happened practically on my front door. It has been a huge shock, and even more so when you find out the recent statistics. It really makes you wonder

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We All Need A Cuddly Toy

I was out with my son the other day and I got dragged into a toy store with him, and we were looking at all the usual toys which are our flavor of the month, until one day he decides it isn’t. However, whilst we were standing there one section caught my eye, there was a whole section dedicated to various cuddly toys. I was amazed because really you don’t see them often, usually, toy shops are dedicated mainly to

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Is Tough Love The Answer?

I was reading a new report and basically this was the question they were asking, is tough love the answer? My initial thought when I read the title was no, not really. My own son for example does not respond very well to being told what to do. He is not what I would call a very ‘obedient’ child. Telling him to do something is most likely going to lead to a massive tantrum, it’s not going to make him

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Let’s Go Outside! The Joys Of Outside Play

The cold months are almost behind us, Spring is just around the corner and that just means one thing! We can finally go outside without freezing! We can actually go outside without having to pack for all weathers. I must admit, I love the Spring. It is my favourite time of the year, it’s not too hot or too warm and nature is blooming. The great outside has many benefits for children and it’s probably the easiest way to entertain

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The Myth Of Work Life Balance

I think like most mums (or parents) ever since having my son there has one thing that I have been striving for since I saw those lines. The perfect work life balance. I have heard about this thing, and I have heard people claim to achieve it. Yet, there are days when it just feels like an impossible dream. Live to work There have been many days, even before I had my son where it feels like my sole purpose

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Valentines Ideas For Children

It is Valentines Day, so what can you do with your children to mark the occasion and help them understand what the day is about? There are countless possible things you can do with children for Valentines but here are some of my favourites! Crafts Let’s start off with a common one, crafts! There are so many different craft ideas out there but some of my favourites are – Love heart crowns Heart sponge paintings Valentine’s Day bunting Heart symmetry

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