The Importance of Play for Children

Forming A Bond With Your Child

Although this website is mainly about play, there are multiple ways to bond with your child do not involve play. I will start off by saying that I feel like the bond I have with my son is brilliant, I am defiantly his ‘go to’ person and he is defiantly the typical child you read about who will walk straight past their father and go on a wild adventure just to ask you to get them a drink. However, it

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How To Play With Your Child

This is something that really sounds and should be so easy, but the reality can be quite different, for me personally I struggle in two ways when I play with my child. My experience Firstly, I become aware of myself when trying to play; I get very self-conscious and start to feel really silly. It is stupid really, because my son is not likely to judge me and he absolutely loves playing with me and it is an issue I

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The Importance of Play – the theory behind why play is important

This will probably be as technical as I will become. People have spent years or even decades studying why play is important for a child’s development. Anyone who has ever had a child themselves, or has had a relative or a friend who has a child will all have witnessed children at play, but what may not be so apparent is how important it is to let children be children and to allow them to space and opportunity to play.

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About Me

Hello and welcome to The Importance of Play for Children, I would like to state right from the off that I do not claim to be an expert, I am just a normal mum with a passion. Who am I? I am a wife and a mother, I have also held a number of different jobs throughout my time. However, I have always had an interest in people, the human mind, and child development. However, rather than pursue my interest

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