The Importance of Play for Children

About Me

HelloHello and welcome to The Importance of Play for Children, I would like to state right from the off that I do not claim to be an expert, I am just a normal mum with a passion.

Who am I?

I am a wife and a mother, I have also held a number of different jobs throughout my time. However, I have always had an interest in people, the human mind, and child development. However, rather than pursue my interest in a professional capacity I ended up doing a series of ‘normal’ jobs.

My career has taken a rather different path and is more focused in different areas of customer service, so whilst I may not be studying people, the mind, or children I do get to help people, hear their stories, and interact with people from all different walks of life.

On a personal level however, I have never lost my passion and I have always founds ways to learn more and develop. However, I have found since becoming a mother I have found watching my child learn, develop, and explore the world through play facinating.

Why have I started this website?

I am not here to give you a professional opinion or analysis, this is not an academic website. If you are looking for a professional opinion or academic research then this website is not for you.

Instead, I am coming at this from the eyes of a mother, no one can know your child like you do. I have watched my child grow from a little baby, to a toddler, and now to a preschooler. I have watched him as he has gone from just looking at toys, to experimenting with toys, and now fully playing and interacting with toys.

What do I hope to achieve?

I hope that this website becomes a source of uncomplicated knowledge and inspiration.

I think one thing all parents can agree is that parenting can be complicated and overwhelming, I hope that this website can help parents (not just mothers) to understand why play is so important and to give you ideas on how to help your child gain the most from not just toys but other household objects.

This website will most likely have a little of whatever comes to my mind during my experience and the experiences of others of parenthood.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

All the best,


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  • Cath

    Hi Hannah, it was a pleasure reading your content. I admire what you’re hoping to achieve on your website i.e. “a source of uncomplicated knowledge and inspiration”.

    I think that sometimes in parenting, we may overthink things that may lead us to make an issue out of what is actually normal developing behaviour. One does not need to be a trained expert to recognise this … and your content makes a case for a more practical approach to raising children.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Cute site! I wish I had read the posts about mum guilt when my kids were young. Even though I’m a dude, it still relates. Keep up the great work!


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